Continuum of Care Committees & Minutes

Archived June 2019 

The action-planning components of the Continuum of Care

The Continuum of Care (CoC) Committees develop, deepen, and expand strategies to execute them through focused, time-bound work plans. Additional ad hoc workgroups or taskforces may be formed and given specific responsibilities as needed by the Blueprint Council. These groups may also be directly responsible for specific strategies or exploring options to solve particular concerns.

Most Committees meet on a monthly basis. Committee membership may include any CoC member. Each Committee will recruit members from the CoC and the Indianapolis community.

The Continuum of Care has four standing committees. A selected chair or co-chair member will be selected within the committee and serve as an appointed Blueprint Council member. The committees and their descriptions are listed below.

Community Education & Public Policy Committee

The committee is tasked with developing and implementing a plan for community awareness of the Continuum and issues related to homelessness. The committee also monitors public policy initiatives that impact homeless individuals and families or members of the Continuum and share information with the Continuum. Currently developing a homeless advisory council; contact Don Sawyer for more information. Reports to the Blueprint Council.

  • Chair: Rev. Antonio Alexander, Purpose of Life Ministries

Planning & Investment Oversight Committee

The committee is tasked with system planning for the Continuum of Care to support comprehensive housing and supportive service opportunities for individuals experiencing homelessness. The committee researches and advises the Continuum on funding opportunities for housing or services for homeless individuals and families. Current operating with several workgroups that are also available to join, contact Rachael Sample for more information. Reports to the Blueprint Council.

Program Application & Technical Assistance
(PATA) Committee

The committee is responsible for the monitoring of projects funded by the HUD CoC Application process, ranking project applications and coordinating with partners to develop the HUD application each year. Reports to the Blueprint Council.

Coordinated Entry System Oversight committee

The committee is responsible for the implementation and oversight of the coordinated entry system. Members were appointed to fulfill roles in the group based upon sector engaged in coordinated entry. Currently operating the Coordinated Entry Prioritization Work Group that assesses the system, responds to community needs, and prioritizes existing resources. Reports to the Housing & Services Committee.

  • Chairs: Jami Schnurpel, Julian Center & Leslie Kelly, Horizon House

  • CHIP Staff Liaison: Matt Holland

Housing & Services Committee

The committee is tasked with coordinating permanent supportive housing providers and to manage and streamline the process of applying for permanent supportive housing programs. The committee also has a number of workgroups that focus on subpopulations.

  • Chair: Amanda Wilkerson, Partners in Housing

  • CHIP Staff Liaison: Emily Bair


The workgroup is a collaborative effort to engage outreach service providers from area churches, missions, and faith-based partners to reduce duplication of effort and improve partnerships between faith-based, supportive housing providers, and the professional blended street outreach teams. Reports to the Housing & Services Committee.

  • Chair: Brian Walls, Tear Down the Walls Ministries & Leon Longard, Diakonos Community

  • CHIP Staff Liaison: Emily Bair


The workgroup is responsible for assessing needs of homeless youth and developing solutions for challenges facing homeless youth in collaboration with the Continuum of Care. Reports to the Housing & Services Committee.

  • Chair: Chris Paulsen, Indiana Youth Group

  • CHIP Staff Liaison: Amy Gibson


The workgroup meets to engage area McKinney-Vento liaisons from local school districts in professional development, resource and information sharing, and to identify and report on trends in homelessness among families and youth. Meetings occur from September-May annually, with no meetings during summer months. Reports to the Housing & Services Committee.

  • Chair: Charie Gibson, Indianapolis Public Schools

  • CHIP Staff Liaison: Amy Gibson


The workgroup meets to encourage collaboration between veteran serving agencies and to meet the goal of ending veteran homelessness in Marion County. It includes community advocates, supportive service providers, permanent supportive housing providers, rapid rehousing programs, transitional housing programs, and outreach workers. This committee has several sub-group currently working on special projects, and to learn more about those groups contact Rachael Sample. Reports to the Housing & Services Committee.

  • Chair: Monet Orr, VOA-OHIN & Nmwaka Onochie, VOA-OHIN

  • CHIP Staff Liaison: Rachael Sample

Youth Action Board

The Youth Action Board is a group of homeless and formerly homeless youth (up to age 24) collaborating with the Homeless Youth Task Force to identify gaps and create strategies to serve youth experiencing homelessness. Reports to the Homeless Youth Workgroup.

  • Chair: Kendra Hathaway

  • CHIP Staff Liaison: Amy Gibson