CoC Policies


Community Performance and Funding

The CoC has an annual process to review the community’s important measures of system success, and utilizes a quarterly monitoring for all agencies funded by HUD CoC and Emergency Solution Grant (ESG) dollars. Review the current quarterly monitoring results, and the criteria for which agencies are assessed.

The CoC utilizes a number of community success metrics based upon recommendations from HUD and community-identified measures. The most recent version of our community measures was developed in 2018, and the CoC reviews the data on a regular basis.

How does the community identify important measures of success?

Any agency that receives either CoC or Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funding through HUD is required to participate in a meeting each quarter to discuss their performance. The quarterly monitoring meeting utilizes success measures, including the HUD system performance measures, to determine system gaps and areas for increased capacity. Quarterly monitoring meetings encourage information and best practices sharing between agencies, as well as include training or capacity building opportunities for agencies.

What is quarterly performance monitoring?