Reuben Engagement Center

The Albert G. and Sara I. Reuben Engagement Center provides shelter, case management, mental health evaluations, and housing referrals to individuals experiencing homelessness who have substance abuse disorder and/or mental health diagnoses. The engagement center provides a safe place for individuals experiencing homelessness and are experiencing drug or alcohol intoxication to be diverted from jail or an emergency room and who are unable to gain access to emergency shelter options due to active substance abuse. The Reuben Engagement Center is a part of the City of Indianapolis – Office of Public Health and Safety.

The center will provide a safe place and an opportunity to engage in community resources and services aimed at recovery and permanent housing. Some medical services will be provided onsite to assist the individual in working through their immediate needs outside of the hospital setting.

Individuals that are homeless and intoxicated will be provided a safe environment during their period of intoxication, have the opportunity for engagement with and connection to services, and be offered a place to begin detoxification. The Engagement Center will work closely to enhance successful transition to permanent supportive housing and placement into treatment and long-term rehabilitation when individuals are ready for this step.


The Albert G. and Sara I. Reuben Engagement Center

746 East Market Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Phone: 317-327-8734
Fax: 317-327-8942