Marion County Re-entry Coalition

Since 2017, the Marion County Re-entry Coalition (MCRC) and the Continuum of Care (CoC) have been meeting collaboratively through the Joint Taskforce on Housing & Re-entry. The task force created five key strategies related to housing:

  1. Establish a definition of homeless and housing instability for individuals who are in need of housing upon release from incarceration as well as individuals who have been released and are experiencing barriers to housing due to their criminal history
  2. Identify data sources and data collection points to help facilitate a more integrated process for tracking and sharing data between homeless and re-entry services
  3. Identify opportunities for the city to prioritize funding and/or create incentives that address housing barriers for returning citizens and individuals with criminal backgrounds
  4. Explore and pursue housing programs and pilot opportunities in Marion County specifically targeted at under-served or marginalized populations within criminal justice
  5. Collaborate with CoC and other housing resource groups in the community to create a resource of current housing types and inventory that serve returning citizens and individuals with backgrounds

The task force is currently engaged in a number of projects related to the strategies listed above. For more information about the taskforce, contact the Chair of the Joint Taskforce on Housing & Re-entry, Chelsea Haring-Cozzi.