CoC Implementation Work groups & Work plans

Implementation work groups serve as the primary mechanism for engagement of most stakeholders (providers and individuals with lived experience) in action-oriented decision-making, moving the system from theoretical discussions to practical experimentation and coalescence of practice. Work groups are typically ad hoc and convened with a clear set of assignments and timeline, meet frequently to achieve that purpose, and then reconvene only when new assignments are made. Activities include the creation, testing, and implementation of policies and often distribute these activities across several work groups for a single policy effort. This ensures targeted engagement of different levels of stakeholders.

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Below is the listing of the current verticals, project managers; including workgroups and their point of contact (POC).


Continuum of Care Coordination

Project Managers: Emily Bair, CHIP; Courtney Purnell, City of Indianapolis

Ask me about: Internal & external CoC communications, media, board management, coordination of national notices, NOFA


  • PATA: responsible for the completion and submission of the HUD CoC NOFA.

  • Racial Disparities: completes and review annual data of disparities in the homelessness response system. Makes recommendations to other verticals and Blueprint Council.

    • Not currently meeting.

Coordinated Entry System

Project Managers: Danielle Bagg Wireman, CHIP; Matt Holland, CHIP

Ask me about: CES refinement, integration of domestic violence providers


  • Case conferencing; responsible for matching clients in the housing pool to programs with open units/slots, also processes VI-SPDAT discrepancies, and addresses potential tenant evictions and/or program discharges.

    • Meets every Tuesday, due to client identifying information limited to agencies participating in CES.

  • DV Refinement; looked at lethality and assessment language

    • Not currently meeting

  • Pool Cleanup; have policy recommendations for automation of CES pool cleanup; currently testing and will reconvene as needed

  • Voucher Implementation Workgroup; coorindating issuance of new homeless preference vouchers

    • Meeting biweekly after case conferencing at Englewood

  • Documentation; changing culture of HMIS and centering system around documentation

    • Not currently meeting

  • Diversion; creating a systemic diversion model


Project Manager: Rachael Sample, CHIP

Ask me about: Extreme weather sheltering, coordinated street outreach, encampments, shelter coordination


  • Coordinated Outreach Implementation; current street outreach staff meet weekly

  • Coordinated Outreach Leadership - see calendar for meetings

Homeless Management Information System

Project Manager: Dan Melin, CHIP

Ask me about: Data quality, HMIS capacity building


  • Data Standards


Project Manager: Caleb Sutton, CHIP

Ask me about: Performance dashboards, compliance & monitoring, written standards


  • Quarterly Monitoring

Permanent Supportive Housing Pipeline

Project Managers: Rodney Stockment, City of Indianapolis; Caleb Sutton, CHIP

Ask me about: Unit development, landlord engagement strategy, build services capacity


  • PSH Leadership

Rapid Rehousing Expansion

Project Managers: Danielle Bagg Wireman, CHIP; Rachael Sample, CHIP

Ask me about: Expand RRH capacity, build services capacity, landlord engagement strategy


  • Coming soon!


Project Managers: Tricia Smith-Peck, Roudebush VA Medical Center; Matt Holland, CHIP

Ask me about: Scale rapid resolution, end veteran homelessness


  • Leadership

  • By-Name List

  • Rapid Resolution

Youth & Young Adults

Project Manager: Amy Gibson, CHIP

Ask me about: Right-size youth inventory, refine youth pathway in homeless response system, develop a youth and young adult system vision, refine CES to better serve youth and young adults, right-size youth and young adult dedicated housing resources, and develop system-wide data motioning and system performance to drive developments and refinements of the youth and young adult system


  • Planning

  • Advocacy

  • Youth Action Board (YAB)

 Implementation Workgroups coming soon:

  • Bridging to Other Systems

  • Funding Alignment

  • Income & Employment


Co-System Leads:

Chelsea Haring-Cozzi, CHIP,

Rodney Stockment, City of Indianapolis