CoC Governance Restructure

(Updated 04/10/2019)

On March 18th, the Blueprint Council endorsed the system vision developed by Clutch Consulting in coordination with CoC Committee Chairs and CHIP. The document is serving as a guide for potential updates to the Governance Charter as the CoC continues to align with the Community Plan to End Homelessness.

(Posted 02/14/2019)

Over the last month, Clutch Consulting has performed a review of our planning activities and feedback from the planning focus groups, examined our CoC governing charter and committee structure, and analyzed Blueprint Council and Committee meeting minutes where governance was discussed. In early February, Clutch Consulting met with the Blueprint Council, Mayor and Community Leaders, and the CHIP Board to present preliminary recommendations and discuss next steps to move our CoC forward toward a more sophisticated and effective governance structure. The resulting Governance Strategy Memo is now available and outlines the recommendations, next steps, and a transition plan.


Governance Webinar

(Posted 2/27/2019)

This webinar was hosted by the Indianapolis CoC Governance Work Group on Feb 22, 2019. Clutch Consulting introduced the Governance Strategy Memo and underlying theories and best practices that shaped the recommendations. The question/answer period was also recorded at the end of the webinar.

The Indianapolis Continuum of Care (CoC) is a collaborative and engaged group of community members dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness in Indianapolis.

The CoC takes a comprehensive approach of addressing homelessness by providing a continuum of housing programs and services. These services include outreach, intake, and assessment; prevention and diversion; emergency shelter; permanent housing; and system-wide planning initiatives to end homelessness.

Members of the CoC recognize that long-term efforts and goals can only be realized through a cooperative approach. It is the mission of the Indianapolis Continuum to coordinate all stakeholders, systems, and resources available to prevent and end homelessness in Indianapolis.

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