CoC Implementation Workgroups


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Continuum of Care Coordination

Project Manager: Emily Bair, CHIP

Ask me about: Internal & external CoC communications, media, board management, coordination of national notices, NOFA

Coordinated Entry System

Project Managers: Danielle Bagg Wireman, CHIP; Matt Holland, CHIP

Ask me about: CES refinement, integration of domestic violence providers


Project Manager: Rachael Sample, CHIP

Ask me about: Extreme weather sheltering, coordinated street outreach, encampments, shelter coordination


Project Manager: Matt Holland, CHIP

Ask me about: System-wide diversion model

Homeless Management Information System

Project Manager: Dan Melin, CHIP

Ask me about: Data quality, HMIS capacity building


Project Manager: Caleb Sutton, CHIP

Ask me about: Performance dashboards, compliance & monitoring, written standards

Permanent Supportive Housing Pipeline

Project Managers: Rodney Stockment, City of Indianapolis; Caleb Sutton, CHIP

Ask me about: Unit development, landlord engagement strategy, build services capacity

Youth & Young Adults

Project Manager: Amy Gibson, CHIP

Ask me about: Right-size youth inventory, refine youth pathway in homeless response system


Project Managers: Tricia Smith-Peck, Roudebush VA Medical Center; Matt Holland, CHIP

Ask me about: Scale rapid resolution, end veteran homelessness


Implementation Workgroups coming soon:

  • Bridging to Other Systems )

  • Funding Alignment

  • Income & Employment

  • RRH Expansion


Co-System Leads:

Chelsea Haring-Cozzi, CHIP, and Rodney Stockment, City of Indianapolis