Blueprint Council Membership

Members of the Blueprint Council represent local funders, government, services providers, consumers, and other community members whose interest relate to homeless services and housing systems. To access the Blueprint Council Roster, learn more about appointments and elections to the Blueprint Council, and to view the governance charter, visit the Blueprint Council page.


Executive Committee Responsibilities

The Blueprint Council members vote in a Chair, Vice Chair, and Second Vice Chair from its membership to form the Executive Committee.

  • The Chair conducts Council meetings

  • The Chair conducts meetings of the full CoC

  • The Vice Chair serves in the Chair’s absence

  • The Second Vice Chair serves as a parliamentarian

  • An officer serves for a one-(1)-year term.


Election Process

The Blueprint Council chair will appoint an Ad Hoc Election Workgroup made up of Blueprint Council members and Continuum members that are responsible for development and oversight of all elections. The appointed members will select non-Blueprint council members to complete the Election Workgroup. The Election Workgroup will report to the Blueprint Council and not be comprised of more than 49% Blueprint Council members. The Election Workgroup will create the elections and voting processes and will be approved by the Blueprint Council before being implemented.