How to Apply for CoC Program Funding

The Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition is an annual process for funding that is guided by community policies and procedures created by the Program Application & Technical Assistance (PATA) Committee and approved by the Blueprint Council. In accordance with HUD regulation, community partners interested in receiving funding must participate in the community process. Programs who are denied funding are given the opportunity to appeal the decision through the community’s appeal procedure.

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FY 2019 Annual Posting

The Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition requires the posting of important documents in the program competition. These documents are reviewed annually and posted during the competition, in accordance with the CoC Program Competition Notice of Fund Availability (NOFA) guidance.

This page will be updated frequently with additional needed for the NOFA - please check back often!

Final Project Scores & Appeals

(posted 08/23/2019)

Scores for new and renewal projects are available through the button below; along with the CoC Appeals Process.

Appeals will be accepted now, August 23, through 12:00pm on Tuesday, August 27, 2019. All appeals must be submitted in writing to the

The appeal must include a statement specifying, in detail, each one of the grounds asserted for the appeal. The appeal must be signed by an individual authorized to represent the sponsor agency (i.e., Executive Director) and must include (highlight and cite) the specific sections of the application or policy on which the appeal is based. The appealing agency must specify facts and evidence sufficient for the Appeals Committee to determine the validity of the appeal. That is, the notice of appeal must have attached the specific areas of the application or policy being appealed and must also clearly explain why the information provided is adequate to gain additional points.

All valid appeals will be read, reviewed and evaluated by the Appeals Committee and one representative of the agency making the appeal will be invited to represent their appeal in front of the Appeal Committee.

If the appeal is successful, the finding of the Appeals Committee will go back to the PATA Committee for consideration to make any needed changes to the ranking and priority listing for the 2019 NOFA application.

2019 CoC Program Application Appendices

  • 2019 Priority Listing

2019 CoC Priority Listing

New Project Applications

Renewal Applications