CoC Program Competition Eligible Programs and Priorities for Funding

In order to be eligible for CoC Program Competition funding, programs must meet the following criteria.


Must Meet Criteria Outlined in the CoC Program Interim Rule

Agencies eligible to receive Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition funding must meet the criteria outlined in the CoC Program Interim Rule. In Indianapolis, we engage the City of Indianapolis as the Collaborative Applicant for the community application, and as a Sole Grantee for HUD funding. The Interim Rule explains the roles of the CoC partners, including those listed above. There are key agency requirements that must be met first, and all of those expectations are described in the interim rule.

If you have questions about your agency’s eligibility, please email


Must Serve Those Experiencing HUD-defined Homelessness

CoC Program Competition requires that the project only serve individuals and families that meet the HUD definition of homelessness. Though the community may recognize other homeless statuses, CoC Program funds can only be used for individuals and families who meet the HUD homelessness criteria.

The definition of homelessness is also the interim rule. Read a helpful article about the definition of homelessness.

HUD also specifically identifies the chronically homeless as being a subset of the homeless population with specific needs. Review the final rule on chronic homelessness from the HUD Exchange.


Must Follow Certain Program Components

The following program components are eligible for HUD CoC Program Competition funding. Definitions, guidelines, and restrictions for these components are in the interim rule.

  • Permanent Housing
  • Permanent supportive housing for persons with disabilities (PSH)
  • Rapid Re-housing (RRH)
  • Transitional Housing (TH)
  • Supportive Services Only (SSO)
  • Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)

For information on the eligible costs under these programs, please review the CoC interim rule.

CoC Program competition funding can include Homelessness Prevention, but only after the community as a whole meets performance standards of a High Performing Community. Indianapolis does not currently meet this, so no program can request prevention funds in their application.

There are two program components that are eligible for renewal funding, but no new projects can be funded through the HUD program competition: Safe Haven and Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation SRO.


Community Priorities for CoC Funding

As a part of the CoC Program Competition, HUD asks communities to prioritize their funding for projects that are the highest performing and meet a critical need to address the community’s goals. In Indianapolis, we have identified four sub-populations that are important to address with funding and resources: chronically homeless, veterans, families, and youth.

Additionally, Indianapolis has prioritized the funding of permanent housing programs through the CoC Program Competition. Currently, the community does not use CoC Program funds to provide TH-only projects.