Plan to End Youth & Young Adult Homelessness


We believe youth & Young adults have the right to be housed and connected to care.

The Indianapolis Continuum of Care, the Youth Action Board (YAB), and CHIP are responsible for developing and implementing a coordinated community plan and plan to end youth and young adult homelessness. In conjunction with the Indianapolis Community Plan to End Homelessness, the Coordinated Community Plan to Prevent and End Youth & Young Adult Homelessness, as well as the Program Models, identify strategies and action steps that address the unique needs of youth and young adults experiencing homelessness.

Our community approach has identified several priority populations and will meet the specific needs of these populations:

  • Minor youth
  • LGBTQ youth and young adults
  • Youth and young adults with special needs or disabilities
  • Pregnant/parenting youth and young adults
  • Youth and young adults of color
  • Chronically homeless youth and young adults
  • Former foster youth and young adults
  • Victims of human trafficking and domestic violence
  • Justice involved youth and young adults

We are specifically targeting unaccompanied minor youth, pregnant and parenting youth and young adults, and young adults ages 18-24. The community’s goal is to serve not only youth and young adults experiencing unsheltered homelessness, but also those who are doubled-up or couchsurfing.