Blueprint Council: The Governing Board of the Continuum of Care

The Blueprint Council, the Governing Board of the Continuum of Care (CoC), is the body that makes recommendations to the full CoC and acts as the day-to-day decision-making group. It is the designated entity for managing the CoC Program process in Indianapolis, including ranking of proposals for submission to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The Blueprint Council designs, coordinates, and reviews the HUD CoC grant application process for the Continuum, which includes defining community priorities and ranking CoC Program applications for approval through the CoC Program Grantee.

The Blueprint Council will operate with no fewer than 13 and no more than 26 members. All members are elected, unless noted as an appointed member. The Blueprint Council typically meets every other month. While Blueprint Council membership is limited to those elected or appointed by the community, all Blueprint Council meetings are open to the public.

Blueprint Council executive committee

Rev. David Greene Sr, Second Vice Chair/Parliamentarian

Purpose of Life Ministries,
Elected: Member at Large

Scott Armstrong, Chair

Partners in Housing,
Elected: Homeless Housing Provider

Rodney Stockment, Vice Chair

City of Indianapolis,
Appointed: Collaborative Applicant


blueprint council members

Sandy Jeffers

Pathway to Recovery
Elected: Direct Homeless Service Provider

Tiffany Nmose

Adult & Child
Elected: Consumer with Lived Experience of Homelessness

Chris Paulsen

Indiana Youth Group (IYG)
Elected: Member at Large

Rachael Sample

CHIP - Coalition for Homeless Intervention & Prevention
Appointed: HMIS Lead

Diane Schussel

Central Indiana Community Foundation
Elected: Funder

Nicole Spacey

Elected: Healthcare Institution or Practitioner

Kirk Taylor

Homelessness Advocate
Appointed: Program Application & Technical Assistance Committee

Shante Taylor

Indianapolis Housing Agency
Appointed: Indianapolis Housing Agency

Kay Wiles

HealthNet Homeless Initiative Program
Elected: Direct Homeless Service Provider

Amanda Wilkerson

The Damien Center
Appointed: Housing & Services Committee

Emily Bair

Minutes Recorder

Rev. Antonio Alexander

Purpose of Life Ministries
Appointed: Community Education & Public Policy Committee

Jeff Bennett

City of Indianapolis
Appointed: Consolidated Plan Entity

Janine Betsey

Merchants Affordable Housing
Elected: Affordable Housing Developer

William Bumphus

Wheeler Mission Ministries
Elected: Faith-based Provider

Danny Camacho

Pathway to Recovery
Elected: Consumer with Lived Experience of Homelessness

William Clayton

Salvation Army
Elected: Mental Health or Substance Abuse Provider

Jennifer Fults

City of Indianapolis
Appointed: ESG Grantee

Charie Gibson

Indianapolis Public Schools
Elected: McKinney-Vento Liaison

Chelsea Haring-Cozzi

CHIP - Coalition for Homelessness Intervention & Prevention
Appointed: Support Entity

Emmy Hildebrand

HVAF of Indiana
Appointed: Planning & Investment Committee