Updated Timeline for Blueprint Council Transition

Posted 08/20/2019

In October 2019, the Governance Workgroup of the Blueprint Council will open the elections process for the four elected seats on the new governing board - two (2) homeless service providers and two (2) consumers with lived experience.

You can access the elections process, as approved by the Blueprint Council on August 19, 2019, to learn more about who is eligible to run for an elected seat and who is eligible to vote. The process document also includes dates for all steps in the election.

The governance transition timeline includes information on when the current Blueprint Council will continue to meet and the timeframe for transitioning into the new Council.

Call for CoC Blueprint Council Nominations

Posted 06/07/2019

On May 22, 2019, the CoC Membership met and approved the governing charter amendments, including a new composition for the Blueprint Council and a new set of guidelines for nominations, appointments, and elected seats. The intention of the new nomination and appointment process is to create a Blueprint Council of high-level decision-makers with the authority to align resources and activities in support of systems change and a dramatic reduction in homelessness.

The Governance Work Group is now accepting nominations for the new appointed seats on the Blueprint Council. Please submit nominations to information@indycoc.org using the below form. Nominations can also be mailed or dropped off at CHIP offices (1100 W 42nd St, Suite 350, Indianapolis, IN 46208, Attn: Rachael Sample).

Nominations closed at 5:00pm on Thursday, June 27th.

Proposed CoC Governance Charter, 2019

Click the button below to view if you are eligible to vote at the May 22 full CoC Meeting. Email information@indycoc.org with questions.

Updated 05/20/2019

Click the button below to access Frequently Asked Questions regarding the proposed charter amendments.

Updated 05/16/2019

Following the CoC Town Hall Meeting on May 14, one additional edit was made to the “Process Review” section of the Blueprint Council. Please review the updated language in the charter below.

A full CoC meeting to vote on the proposed new charter will be held Wednesday, May 23, at 9:30am. See the CoC Calendar.

Questions can be emailed to the Governance Work Group at information@indycoc.org.

CoC Charter Review Town Hall

Click the button below to review the slides presented at the May 14 Town Hall meeting.

CoC Charter Amendments Webinar

Presented by Blueprint Council Governance Work Group and CHIP on May 3, 2019

Posted 05/03/2019

CoC Governance Restructure Meetings

(Updated 04/30/2019)

The Governance Work Group is hosting the following meetings to review proposed changes to the CoC Charter:

  1. Info Session Webinar, May 3rd, 11a-12p. Please follow this link to join: https://zoom.us/j/417444067

    • Registration is not required. You can view information to join and call-in on the CoC calendar

    • The list of charter changes will be presented during this webinar and posted to the CoC website following.

  2. Town Hall Meeting, May 14th 2pm-4pm at Ruth Lilly Family Conference Room; UWCI, 2955 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis IN 46208

    • This meeting is open to all CoC members, as an open forum for discussion and questions of the proposed charter changes. Additionally, CoC members are welcome to submit questions to the Governance Work Group via email (info@indycoc.org).

  3. Full CoC Meeting, May 22nd, 9:30a-11:30a at Dining Room, Indiana Interchurch Center

    • Changes to the Governance Charter require a 2/3 vote approval of CoC members in attendance at the meeting on May 22.

(Updated 04/10/2019)

On March 18th, the Blueprint Council endorsed the system vision developed by Clutch Consulting in coordination with CoC Committee Chairs and CHIP. The document is serving as a guide for potential updates to the Governance Charter as the CoC continues to align with the Community Plan to End Homelessness.

(Posted 02/14/2019)

Over the last month, Clutch Consulting has performed a review of our planning activities and feedback from the planning focus groups, examined our CoC governing charter and committee structure, and analyzed Blueprint Council and Committee meeting minutes where governance was discussed. In early February, Clutch Consulting met with the Blueprint Council, Mayor and Community Leaders, and the CHIP Board to present preliminary recommendations and discuss next steps to move our CoC forward toward a more sophisticated and effective governance structure. The resulting Governance Strategy Memo is now available and outlines the recommendations, next steps, and a transition plan.

Governance Webinar

(Posted 2/27/2019)

This webinar was hosted by the Indianapolis CoC Governance Work Group on Feb 22, 2019. Clutch Consulting introduced the Governance Strategy Memo and underlying theories and best practices that shaped the recommendations. The question/answer period was also recorded at the end of the webinar.