Voting for the Blueprint Council is now open!

Voting for Direct Service Provider (2 seats) and Individuals with Lived Experience (2 seats) are open until Friday, October 25, 2019.

Electronic ballots are available through Survey Monkey and will be accepted until 5:00pm on October 25. Please note this will also require an electronic signature of a CoC Membership Statement, as this is now an annual requirement per the 2019 Governance Charter.  

A paper ballot can be downloaded from the Indy CoC website and are to be turned into the CHIP Offices (1100 W. 42nd Street, Suite 350). Paper ballots are due by 4:30pm on October 25. Ballots will not be accepted via email or fax. Please also submit a signed membership statement with your hard-copy ballot.

Please send all questions to


Indianapolis CoC Awarded $3.88M in HUD Funding to End Homelessness for Youth & Young Adults!

To help end youth homelessness, HUD is awarding $75 million to 23 communities, including eight rural communities through its Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP). This program supports a wide range of housing programs including rapid rehousing, host homes, non-time limited housing, and supportive services. 

The Youth & Young Adults Workgroup and Youth Action Board worked collaboratively with the City of Indianapolis to submit an application for the FY2018 funding availability.

Homeless Response System Vision

In early spring 2019, members of the Continuum of Care came together to create a visual blueprint to our Indianapolis Community Plan to End Homelessness. This blueprint established the vision for how our homeless response system should be organized and should interact to achieve our collective mission. This system vision captures the key operational components of our system and sets the parameters for how our system should function.

Indy CoC System Vision.jpg

The Indianapolis Continuum of Care (CoC) is a collaborative and engaged group of community members dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness in Indianapolis.

The CoC takes a comprehensive approach of addressing homelessness by providing a continuum of housing programs and services. These services include outreach, intake, and assessment; prevention and diversion; emergency shelter; permanent housing; and system-wide planning initiatives to end homelessness.

Members of the CoC recognize that long-term efforts and goals can only be realized through a cooperative approach. It is the mission of the Indianapolis Continuum to coordinate all stakeholders, systems, and resources available to prevent and end homelessness in Indianapolis.


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